An Upgraded Garage Project

In April 2016, we completed a beautiful 4 car garage project. The owners were looking for a custom post frame garage builder to upgrade their current garage to accommodate larger vehicles and overall improve their use of the garage (“sharage” as they call it).


It’s not everyday we have customers who takes photos of the work as it happens—better yet, they also wrote blog posts about the progress and about the Conestoga team. Here are some notable quotes from their posts:

  • “… in between the bad weather, the guys from Conestoga Buildings put up the framing like a champ! We couldn’t believe how fast it went up.”
  • “… he (Donnie) thought he knew how to do “construction” until he saw these [Conestoga Buildings] guys at work. Doing this for a living and doing it on the side are two completely different things, obviously. Donnie said it was like watching “This Old House.”
  • “A neighbor recently stopped by to tell us what a great job the guys did and that our garage looked like it was from a magazine. Not only do we have nice neighbors, but we couldn’t agree with them more! We would highly recommend Conestoga Buildings if you would like to do a detached building/garage. “

We are so happy to have this family as a part of the Conestoga family and appreciate their kind words and recommendation.

You can read their blog by visiting: (Starts at the blog post ‘RIP Sharage’)

Thinking about upgrading your current garage or looking to build a new garage? Contact us online to get started!


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