Revitalize Your Garage Floor

07-23_Garages_Revitalize-Your-Garage-FloorIf you’ve recently (or not so recently) built or designed a garage building, you probably want a few tips on the best way to approach periodic maintenance. Or perhaps your building is long-overdue for a completely new look and you’re considering a full-scale storage building makeover.

There are a few best-practice pointers. So as a leading custom garage builder, we thought we’d take some time to lay out the top treatments for revitalizing your garage floor. It’s a skill-set high on any home improvement list, and it’s essential for a safe, functional, comfortable storage space.

Cleaning and Cleansing

You most likely have a porous concrete floor, which is notorious for collecting and embedding dirt and grime. It may seem an impossible task – especially if you’re aware of how long it’s been since the last thorough cleaning – but there are a number of A-list options for tackling the dirty job. And remember, it’s critical that you properly clean before any garage project that involves floor-prepping for epoxy paint or a new coating.

Use a Scrub Brush and Degreaser

Before you set to work, take a moment to remove large items from the floor and sweep away heavier debris and particulates. Then mix your preferred degreaser into a large bucket of hot water to create a cleaning solution, and start scrubbing. Be sure to let the solution sit for a couple of minutes before the first pass, so it has enough time to chip away at any caked dirt. Once dry, the floor should be relatively clean. At least it’ll be clean enough to move on to the next major phase of the revitalization process.

Pressure Wash

One of the best ways to save on scrubbing time is to use a pressure washer. They’re the preferred tool for cleaning concrete and, as most will allow for degreaser to be added to the water, they’re really your best bet. Pressure washers aren’t expensive to rent, and they’re usually available at any reputable equipment rental store. Use the scrubbing solution to pre-soak your concrete for about 15 minutes for maximum cleaning power.  (Note: A 3000 PSI washer is a good baseline for cleaning concrete, and the best flow-rate is 3 gallons per minute.)

Getting Rid of Old Paint and Sealant

If you’re planning on applying a new coating to your garage floor, you’ll have to remove any residue like old epoxy paint, thin-filmed topical sealant, or mastic before you can get started. Solvents or chemical strippers are the tools for the job. The primary difference is that solvents call for physical man-power (elbow-grease, if you will), while the slightly-more-expensive alternative employs a chemical process. Chemical strippers take more time, but are undoubtedly safer.

What’s Next?

By this time the floor’s looking altogether new. You can be confident that your garage building is a safer, more functional storage and work space. Now you can look into new coatings and epoxy paints for a total renovation.

If you’re considering post frame barn kits or plans for a new storage building, reach out to one of the professionals at Conestoga. We’ll work with you – one-on-one – all the way through post-construction, to put together a garage or storage building that’s easy manageable. Contact us today to learn more and talk with our talented team.

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