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You may have never heard of a “Barndominium”, but the term has transitioned from relatively nonexistent, to one of the hottest buzzwords in home design.  They were popularized by barn renovations featured on the commonly viewed HGTV Network and have since spread like wildfire.  Barndo’s started with farmers and ranchers who had a need for living quarter’s within a working barn.  Today they have grown into an option for luxury homes, trending in upscale rural areas, many of which include an oversized garage, shop, or barn space

Over our history, Conestoga has evolved from a company who built basic pole barn structures to a full-service design/build construction company.  We have professional designers and project managers, who have experience ranging from major commercial projects to turn-key residential builds. Having this diversity of skills, creativity, and uniqueness of a barn building experience has allowed us to become a premier design/build partner for you in the process of planning and executing your Barndominium. 

Conestoga will provide Barndominium construction services within approximately 1 hour of Ephrata, PA. 

Barndominium Advantages

Large Open Floorplan and Multi-Purpose Spaces 
Post Frame Construction eliminates the need of interior load bearing walls which truly creates an open footprint to be designed to your preference.  In addition, the Barndominium design features can offer tall/cathedral ceilings further highlighting the openness of the space.  While one customer may be looking for a larger garage with less living space, another may be interested in a family room and recreation space.  The Barndominium is the perfect solution to provide a combination of these spaces. 

Utilizing post frame construction for the large, open floor plan generally allows for shorter construction times, helping to reduce overall costs. 

Conestoga offers the flexibility to manage your Barndominium from start to finish, utilizing our subcontractor pool from framing to interior fit outs. Furthermore, we are currently partnered with an interior design company to provide solutions for the vision you have inside your building.   

However, if you are looking to take those trades into your own hands, we have the ability to design a weathered in exterior shell and leave the rest to you! In either direction, we are here to work with you. The flexibility we offer our customers in the building process is second to none. 

Our ability to offer an advantage of “Flexibility” does come with responsibilities.  For those clients choosing to manage their project’s interior rough ins, fit outs and finishes will be considered a General Contractor. By definition, a General Contractor isthe lead contractor on a construction project, responsible for scheduling subcontractors, and ensuring they comply with all relevant laws and building codes.” For those clients taking on the role of a GC, we will require them to purchase a Builders Risk Policy, which can be obtained through your local insurance provider.     

Barndominiums with exteriors finished with metal siding, roofing, and long lasting, maintenance free materials will generally last a lifetime and better withstand the elements than many traditionally used exterior residential home materials. 


Barndominuims, built using post frame construction offers efficiencies with endless design and aesthetic options, allowing builders and architects to engineer highly functional systems, using a variety of materials, allowing for reductions in construction material waste. In addition, the post frame building method allows for larger cavities for insulation, keeps framing affordable, and makes labor more efficient than what is seen in typical residential building construction. 

Most Current & Inspiring Builds


So, you really want to build a Barndominium?  Here are some questions to get our serious clients started.  We, of course, are here to help you along the way, but starting here will help streamline the process and get you into your dream Barndominium much faster!  

  1. Do you currently own the property and if not, what is your current status for purchasing land? 
  2. If you do own the property, have you spoken with the local municipality about your project? 
  3. Will you need site work done including storm water management, grading and septic designs? 
  4. Have you talked with or hired a civil engineer for the items listed in #3? 
  5. Do you have a well, need a well or do you have public water and sewer? 
  6. Do you have any building plans or are you currently working with a designer or architect? 
  7. Are you aware of the benefits associated with a required Builder’s Risk Policy? 
  8. Will your identified lender allow you to act as a General Contractor, if you intend to self-perform any work?
  9. Are you looking for a turnkey project?  Turnkey is when we do everything from site design and building designs through final construction.   
  10. Do you have a budget in mind and if so, what is it?  

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Ready to get started? Contact our design team today to share your ideas and learn more about our Design/Build Agreement. We look forward to bringing your vision to life!

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