Why Choose Post Frame Construction? Durability

In this blog post, we continue explaining the benefits of post frame buildings. As a leading custom post frame builder, its something we know a little bit about. So, let’s talk durability.

Some might think that a post frame building can’t possibly be THAT durable compared to traditional stick framing. In reality, sometimes post frame structures are more durable than non-post frame structures. The Post-Frame Advantage website reported, “In Florida, for example, post-frame contractors reported only “minor damage to trim and other small architectural elements” during Hurricane Katrina. Meanwhile, many nearby non-post-frame structures were severely damaged or destroyed by the storm.”

Post frame buildings have always boasted their resiliency to Mother Nature. Because of the techniques used in post frame construction–the way lateral loads (wind and seismic forces, for example) are transferred to the ground–this is why post frame barns are so durable.

The structural posts extend deep into the ground providing stability, making it clear as to why post frame buildings have been used in the agricultural industry for years. Not to mention, post frame buildings can be built on uneven land (the site of the actual building still needs to have a level pad for building). In addition, since structural posts range in size and how deep they are extended into the ground, you have more options with building height to create the look you want–and getting the space you need!


Last but not least, we want to talk about wood preservation. Our skirt boards, which are pieces of lumber that are installed at grade level around the perimeter of a building, are pressure treated. Our glu-lam posts (glued laminated lumber) and solid wood posts are made from southern yellow pine and are also pressure treated but in different ways.

When using solid wood posts, the complete post is pressure treated from end to end. And as the name indicates, it is a solid wood post. In contrast, glu-lam posts are preferred by most of our customers because of their extensive pressure treatment process on the ground contact end. What we mean by that is there is a specific amount of area on each post that is treated to withstand direct contact with soil.

In this area, multiple pieces of engineered lumber are treated prior to being glued together to create a strong, durable post. This allows the pressure treatment to be present from the interior to the exterior of the post. Other benefits of glu-lam posts are: straighter posts over time, reduced cracking and splitting and a limited 50-year warranty from our supplier.

As we’ve said before, post frame construction can work for most applications, but for those who find that post frame doesn’t meet their needs, or are interested in an extensive clear span building, a pre-engineered steel building may be the best choice. As we’ve also mentioned before, we can do those types of buildings too. Contact us or request a quote to discuss your project with a sales consultant!

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