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We’ve come to realize that many don’t know about post frame construction–or don’t completely understand it–and we want to change that! As a top custom post frame builder, we know how great this way of building is. So in this 3-part series, we’re going to educate our readers about post frame construction and the benefits of a Conestoga building.

The post frame building technique was adapted from post-and-beam construction. To give you a little history, post frame buildings were mostly used for barns, simple garages and storage. The term “post frame barn” originated from the use of old telephone posts to construct these inexpensive structures.

Over the years, post frame construction has advanced and changed to improve materials and techniques. Instead of leaving a dirt or gravel floor, concrete started becoming popular to present a polished look. Now, you can associate post frame barns with all types of buildings such as cabins, commercial storefronts, and even business offices.

Did I get your attention yet?


Let’s break down this style of construction into the 3 main benefits: Cost-effectiveness, Durability and Versatility. We’ll focus on cost-effectiveness first since let’s face it, everyone wants to save a buck, and if you get a quality product for less than you’d normally pay for conventional framing construction, then why not?

Save Some Cash

  • Since there are fewer materials needed in post frame construction, you save cash on resources. Does this mean your building isn’t as stable with less material? On the contrary, NO! Depending on the building height, Conestoga Buildings uses solid or laminated posts to support the trusses and use girts (horizontal posts) to create stability. The structural posts are placed deep in the ground, which allows the building to handle larger loads.
  • With fewer materials, comes less labor. In most cases, our post frame components are pre-engineered so the crews on-site are not heavily relied on for custom construction–saving you money in labor costs.

Don’t Waste Time

  • Post frame construction utilizes components such as wood posts, trusses and purlins to create the shell of your building. It takes minimal time and effort to use an auger machine to create the holes so prepping the site for framing takes no time. Our experienced and efficient crews know their way around post frame buildings. One morning you look outside and there are holes in the ground and by the end of the day, a completely framed structure can be seen!
  • When it comes to weather, it’s always a factor in any construction process; however, with post frame construction, the delays from weather are minimized. Why? Well, as long as we can drill into the ground, we can build. This means that even in the winter months, we can construct your building. Of course, weather such as rain or snow will affect a schedule–we want to keep our crews safe!

You can use post frame construction for commercial structures?

When it comes to retail buildings, it’s all about ‘how to get hot coffee in the cup sooner’. That phrase is the simplest way to explain how in business, owners always want to know how soon they can start utilizing the space to run their business. This is why post frame construction is especially popular in the commercial industry. Reducing material costs, increasing the speed of completion and having limited site disruption are all benefits that business owners enjoy with post frame. View our retail buildings brochure to learn more!


Choose a Conestoga building

We’re confident in our ability to construct the building you want, BUT if we know post frame construction isn’t the best for your project, we’ll let you know. As we’ve said, in most cases, post frame construction is the way to go but if not, our sales consultants can also speak to you about pre-engineered steel buildings as an option (we do that too!). When you choose a Conestoga® building, you know you’re getting a high quality product. Our team at Conestoga Buildings has been constructing these structures for over 25 years, from simple garages to equine facilities to large retail buildings. Contact us or request a quote online to start the process–let’s discuss your project now!

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