Why Choose Post Frame Construction? Versatility

As we conclude our 3-part blog series on why you should choose post frame construction, we are focusing on the third main benefit of post frame construction which is versatility. Of course, as a leading post frame builder, we know all about this great way to build.

It was mentioned in part 1 of this series that post frame construction can be used for commercial buildings. Most people think post frame buildings are ideal for agricultural purposes and storage. In fact, if you think about the use of telephone posts during the time when post frame buildings first came about, how can a custom garage, equine facility or retail storefront appear clean, fresh and professional?

Imagine walking into a municipal building with office space and natural light from multiple large windows. Or an art studio with eye-catching chandeliers hanging from vaulted ceilings. Or a modern, wide-open restaurant with a deck for outside dining. Places like these could be post frame buildings and you probably wouldn’t even know it! Accomplishing the look you desire and getting the functionality you need is very often possible with post frame construction.


A Conestoga building is popular for farmstands and automotive shops, especially when the need for more space arises. Dreyer Farms in Cranford, NJ contacted us to build a new space for their farmstand. However, they didn’t build the “average” farmstand.

The fact of it is, most Conestoga buildings can be outfitted with all the necessities for a fully-functional building–electrical, plumbing and HVAC. And with the ability to add a second floor, additional space can be created and utilized. Because of the way post frame structures are constructed, architectural elements like wide-open spaces and multiple bays can be achieved. This is why large storage warehouses are often built with post frame construction.


Many times, when potential customers approach us, we listen to their ideas about what they need–and want. On our website and in our brochures, we show a variety of building sizes with different options and colors to help “get their ideas on paper”.

As we’ve said, there is a lot of versatility with post frame construction; you just need to speak to a sales consultant to discover the possibilities. From small custom garages to large retail stores, Conestoga Buildings can handle your project. Contact us or request a quote to discuss the project you have in mind!

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