Why Choose A Commercial Post Frame Building For My Business?

RETAIL_Why-a-Pole-Building-for-My-Business-300x198In business, any project has three important variables: cost, time and quality. Of those three, the saying goes, you are allowed to pick only two to determine the project’s outcome. If it is done inexpensively and quickly, quality will suffer; if it is done quickly and with high quality, cost will be enormous; if it is done with quality and below budget, results certainly will not be quick. While that rule of thumb may be true most of the time, there is at least one project that can achieve desirable levels in all three categories: the construction of a pole building.

When you’re looking for a custom commercial post frame builder, whether for office space, retail or storage, you may wonder why a pole building might be a better choice than a traditional brick and mortar structure. Some folks have a preconception that pole buildings are fine for barns, sheds or garages, but for business use a building needs be much sturdier and more permanent, and needs to have the look of an important structure. You may be surprised at just how much strength a pole building’s frame has, and with the variety of floor plans, siding choices and decorative exterior options, there are many buildings in use in business today that, to look at, you would never think were built with same framing structure as those long rectangular barns and sheds you’re picturing.


One of the most attractive features of post frame building construction is cost. A standard stick built brick and mortar structure has a great deal of its prices in the excavation and pouring of the foundation. Pole buildings eliminate the need for a foundation altogether, relying instead on the strength of the ground itself.   The posts (or poles) that serve as the main framing units are sunk four to six feet into the ground, providing excellent load-bearing strength. If you choose, you can have a concrete slab poured within the pole frame, but it is not necessary to the structure’s integrity.

Once the trusses are in place, the frame of the building is remarkably strong and capable of spanning large open areas. The savings over brick and mortar framing, which requires more load-bearing posts or walls within similarly-sized areas, can be significant.


Another truism in business is that most things need to be done yesterday, if not sooner! This includes the construction of your retail or commercial building. Of course, factors including building size and intricacies of floor plans can have an effect the build schedule, but a basic pole building can often be completely erected and ready for use within a two to three week span. That’s far better than waiting long months for a similar building done the traditional way.


A building that can be built quickly and on a budget is no good, of course if it’s only going to collapse at the first huff and puff of a strong storm. Fortunately, geometry and physics are on the side of the pole building. A pole has nearly double the bending strength of a wooden plank the same size because the inner section is constantly in a state of compression while the outer section is in a state of tension. This allows the pole to flex quite a bit before reaching a breaking point. Since the posts are embedded four to six feet into the ground in this method of structure, much of any stress load is directed straight into the ground. Such a building can be stronger in some situations than a brick and mortar counterpart would be.

In addition to all of these positives, a pole building can be customized very easily. Once the frame is in place, there are as many different types of siding and roofing available as you can imagine. The window and door styles you can choose are virtually endless, and the inner space of the building can be configured however you like – and can be changed when necessary with much less fuss than other building types.

When it comes time for you to look at a new commercial building, talk with one of our experts here at Conestoga about how a pole building can be the best option to meet your needs. Contact us today!

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