Where Will You Build?

RETAIL_Where-Will-You-Build-300x195Congratulations! That hobby-turned-home-based widget business of yours has really taken off, and the time has come to have a place where you can set up a small widget manufacturing operation and maybe even showcase a few for sale. You’ve done the research, and you’ve found a commercial post frame builder who will work within your fledgling company’s budget and will give you exactly what you need to start turning out widgets at a faster rate than working out of your garage. Now a big decision remains: Where will you build?

A number of factors should be considered when choosing a location for a new retail building.

One of the most desirable features of pole barn construction is its customizability. Beyond the basic frame, the options available for everything from siding to windows and doors to roofing will allow you to design a building that captures the personality of your business. That said, while you want your building to be noticed and recognized, you don’t want it sticking out like a sore thumb. Look for a location where buildings of similar size and style already exist, or where your building will clearly fit the “personality” of the area.

You’ll want to be sure you choose a location with easy access to and from the main road. A short, straight access to your property is best. If you must be set back a bit from the road or are building on a lot that is part of a business complex, consider that adequate signage for folks to find you must be considered in your costs.

Will your building be one that accepts deliveries on a regular basis? Make certain you have enough space for delivery trucks to enter and maneuver. Expect to have a number of employees and/or customers onsite each day? Your choice of location should take into account the need for sufficient parking.

Don’t forget that the cost of land on which you are building needs to be considered as well. Pole barn construction certainly has an economic advantage over traditional brick and mortar, but land can be expensive.

You may be fortunate and already own an empty lot that will meet your needs. Certainly, that will keep overall costs lower. If you are not so lucky, however, and you find that your budget is being stretched thinner than you might like, look into the option of leasing the land rather than buying it outright. Yes, you will be paying a landlord and will be somewhat limited in what you can do with the property, but again, your immediate expenditure can often be less than buying outright. Do your homework before deciding.

OK, you’ve determined what type of building you want to build, how big it needs to be, what you need in terms of vehicle access and where you want to build it. Before you get ready to break ground, you need to check the local zoning ordinances to make certain your building will not be in violation of any codes. As you’re choosing a location, pay attention to the types of buildings in the nearby area. If you see that other buildings have been built that are similar to what your building will be, you can be pretty well assured that zoning will not be an issue. As you get closer to making a decision, check with local officials to be sure all building permits are properly filed and your building is acceptable.

If you need help navigating all the decisions that go into a new retail building of any type, talk with a reputable, knowledgeable builder like those at Conestoga Buildings. It’s never too early in the process to ask for their guidance, and they will make sure you wind up with the building you want, where you want to be. Contact us today to request a quote and get started!

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