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As a leading commercial construction company, we realize that our clients’ physical buildings in which they conduct their business speak volumes to their potential customers before they even set foot inside.

Before we begin a project, we ask our clients – what does your current commercial building tell your clientele? Is it a sleek, clean, modern building or is it looking a bit world-weary and run down these days? You work hard to make sure that whatever business you are in, your company provides the best product or service possible. Is it time for a new structure to help show your business to its best advantage?

Take a look at some of the beautiful work done in the retail building category by Conestoga Buildings commercial construction division.

The interior is every bit as important as the exterior, especially when it comes to storage and warehousing facilities. Commerical barn construction allows for large, spacious and well-protected interiors.

An office building needs to present a fairly conservative, professional atmosphere and workspace, but too often the result can be stark and sterile. The spacing of posts in structures like ours allows for the options of large windows, bringing natural light and warmth into the mix.

Commerical barn style construction does not necessarily mean square, boxy interiors. By working with a Conestoga Buildings designer, you’ll discover many options for unique, pleasing floor plans and layouts.

At Conestoga, we offer an array of retail building plans and a host of design options that allow you to customize your commercial structure to fit your needs both aesthetically and functionally. Whether you need a storefront, an office building or a warehouse, our team of knowledgeable designers will work with you to create the perfect building for your needs and your budget!

Continue to tour samples of our work by checking out our gallery and taking a look at the many customizable options available. And be sure to contact us today to learn more and get started!

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