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3 Ways to Make Your Custom Horse Barn Better

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a custom horse barn builder and starting a project. Balancing form and function can be a tricky matter if you’re not sure of all the possibilities. Let’s explore some options that could mean the difference between a nice custom horse barn and one that’s exceptional. Of course, as an experienced custom horse barn builder, we’ve learned over time how important these options can be when working through an equine building project.

Three Ingredients for a Top-Notch Custom Horse Barn

1. Stylish Architecture
At Conestoga Buildings, we offer many exterior and interior architectural features to make your custom horse barn visually appealing inside and out. We can provide suggestions for coordinating your horse barn’s style to complement your home’s exterior or other property characteristics. Whether you want a barn that has a traditional look or one that has a more modern profile, we have many options to ensure your horse barn will have a distinct style you want. And our designers delight in discovering your vision and then working together with you to bring your ideas to life! No two horse barns are alike, and our custom design-build process is the best way to realize your unique vision and style.

2. Usable Space With Purpose
Besides stables, we can design your custom horse barn to have additional usable space for whatever purpose you have in mind. For example, we can build in a tack room, grooming area, workshop, office space…or all of the above. We can build second-floor storage, living space or just about any type of area when going “up” is a possibility. We have extensive expertise in designing horse barns that are a multi-functional space built for optimal productivity in your day-to-day activities with your animals.

3.  Layout That’s On-Point
Another essential point to consider for a custom horse barn is the layout of the structure. At Conestoga Buildings, we design floor plans that ensure your horse barn is a place of flawless functionality. As we discuss your project, we’ll touch on critical points such as access to pastures, stall size to ensure your animals’ comfort, door size to accommodate the size of your animals, ventilation, and more. It’s these details that set an experienced horse barn builder apart from the rest, so make sure your horse barn layout makes sense.

Why Settle for Less Than Superb?
At Conestoga Buildings, we have an experienced team of designers and builders who are committed to creating custom horse barns that exceed our customers’ expectations. Helping you fulfill your vision is our mission. Contact us today to learn more!

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