Building a Small Horse Barn

Horses are intuitive and intelligent. And in the same way that we humans select and modify our own living spaces, they require just the right environment in which to live and grow.

As an experienced horse barn builder, we know that poorly constructed equestrian facility can mean more than higher vet bills and maintenance costs for owners – it can also affect the animals themselves.

A well-designed horse barn plan, however, can serve as the perfect oasis for your horses, as well as a practical and stylish accent to your property. Post frame barns are ideal for building affordable small barns.

Determining Your Building Space

Designing a small barn requires attention to your current space and needs, as well as to the needs of your horses. Here are a few things to keep in mind when assessing your land for barn building opportunities:

High, Level Ground
Even with a small horse barn, the best building space is elevated and dry – so drainage will run off and away from the structure and its foundation. Be sure the ground is firm and level before you look into potential design features. Think of the barn as an extension of your land. It should integrate naturally – both structurally and stylistically.

Access to Utilities and Work Areas
Choose a space near necessary utilities. That way, nobody has to exhaust themselves. Your horse barn should also be somewhere open and accessible, with plenty of workspace and walking space on the surrounding land. Consider your work flows and choose a site that minimizes steps while allowing vehicle access.

Think Ahead
Even before the design phase, consider your building plot for both present and future needs. You may end up making additions or renovations to the building someday, and you don’t want to run out of land. To accommodate future additions to your farm, remember to leave ample space for access roads and pathways between buildings.


This 24’ by 24’ by 10’ barn is a cozy home for one or two horses.

Key Points in Design

Once you’ve selected the perfect space, it’s time to look into the structural design of the barn itself. The three key focus areas are:

Stall Size
Even with smaller structures there are recommended building dimensions. A safe stall size in a small equestrian barn is generally about 14’ x 14’, with a minimum height of 7’. This is a suitable size for any horse, and leaves them enough living space to avoid agitation or misbehavior.

Plan to store about a week’s worth of grain and a day’s worth of hay. As per closeness to utilities and utility areas – store the rest of your supply nearby, while still at a safe distance.

Storing too much hay in your barn can be dangerous if there’s ever a fire. And it may pose problems with insurance companies.

If you require an aisle or a work area, don’t neglect your own space in the barn, as you’ll need enough room in your center aisle to work and maneuver effectively.

Allow for ample room to move your horses, and enough space for equipment and natural light.

Personalize Your Barn with Custom Design Solutions

Our designers will work with you from beginning to end. We have plenty of options to maximize functionality as well as aesthetics. We’ll help you to plan and develop an intimate, well-ventilated, well-lit, horse-and-person friendly equine facility. Contact us today to get started!

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