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07-01_Equine_Barn-Homes-and-Apartments_h11-300x175How many horse owners or barn lovers haven’t dreamt of somehow combining their living quarters with the rustic charm of a horse barn?

Well, with the movement toward smaller homes and the steadily rising cost of purchasing and maintaining traditional homes – barn homes and barn apartments (sometimes called barndominiums) are fast becoming the top item on peoples’ wish lists and their to-do lists. As a leading post frame barn home builder, we have some experience on this topic.

Adding living quarters to a horse barn design does more than make a statement (although it does indeed make a statement). Barn apartments and post frame barn home plans are versatile and flexible in terms of both design and functionality.

  • Add an innkeeper’s or caretaker’s residence with all the quaint comforts of a country home.
  • Build a mother-in-law suite above or around your horse stables for comfort, charm and guests’ privacy.
  • Build a recreational room, a study or a “man-cave” for the ultimate country escape.
  • Pull out all the stops and design a permanent residence – a full-scale home, distinct in security and amenities, but joined to your post frame barn’s fundamental structure.
  • Make it your own. Build a home that reflects your taste, your personality, your convictions and your style. Customize your barn home to a wide variety of dimensions and layouts.

In addition to the opportunities for basic design personalization, consider the many comparative benefits of a barn-home hybrid:

  • Lower cost of building and construction materials.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Customization (in initial design as well as future additions).
  • Non load-bearing walls for flexible floor plan designs.

All things considered, mixed-use homes like post frame barn apartments or barn homes look like the all-around wisest choice. They’re the perfect combination of aesthetic beauty and hard-wearing practicality.

Our pre-construction to post-construction customer support services and our concept-to-reality design build process will simplify every step of your project. We’ll brainstorm together and match the perfect design features to your budget and your bigger picture.

Our design and construction professionals have years of experience and an eye for innovation.

We offer a wide variety of floor plans and custom horse barn home options. Not only are barn apartments often more affordable – they’re versatile in design and practical in functionality. Request a quote today, and we will explore your options together.

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