Wood vs. Metal: Which is Better for Post Frame Barns

As people plan on building a new post frame barn or farm building, there are some choices that need to be made in regards to the materials used for the framing, as well as the materials used for the outer shell of the barn, sometimes called the building envelope. Not all post frame barn builders make the right choices, so be sure to look for these details when choosing a builder.

For framing, options are generally limited to wood or metal. Of course, with wood as with steel, there are different framing style options that should be considered. Will it be a post frame barn or stick framing?

Siding options tend to be all wood, all metal, or a combination or wood sheathing and vinyl or metal. Roofing materials can include metal, asphalt or other shingle materials, as well as materials used for flat roofs like rolled rubber which is frequently torch-applied.


The choice between wood or metal framing can be influenced by environmental conditions as well as local building ordinances. For example, your local environment might be ideal for wood but local ordinances may not allow a post frame barn, requiring barns to be stick framed. This would be an unusual situation, but the decision would still be an important one as it can impact the overall life of the post frame barn or farm building.

Environmental conditions like heavy salt content in the air would make wood more ideal for framing than metal. A more humid environment would be less healthy for wood framing over time.

A reasonable expectation is that your post frame barn should last for decades, and consulting with our experts is a great way to ensure that you are using the right materials for your region and your needs, right from the start.


As much as this decision is influenced by the weather, similar to the framing, it is also affected by aesthetics and preferred style. Other factors can include durability.

Metal roofing and siding is far more durable, with lower maintenance needs than wood. As a result, someone could expect a metal roof or siding to last as much as 50 years with little to no maintenance. If you prefer the look of wood and shingles, we are an expert installer of those materials as well.


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