Who Would Want to Live Above a Garage?

GARAGE_Who-Would-Want-to-Live-Above-a-Garage-300x234For as long as there have been garages, there have been garage apartments. And for as long as there have been garage apartments, there have been folks shaking their heads and wondering who would want to live above a garage? Surely such a living space must be cramped and tiny, and given the open space of the garage proper below it, that apartment floor must get awfully cold come wintertime.

Actually, an experienced custom garage builder will tell you that with a little planning and foresight, adding a second floor apartment (or including one as part of the original garage build) can provide a perfectly pleasant and comfortable living space. Options abound from traditional efficiency apartments to luxuriously appointed lofts or fashionable studio flats.

Who would want to live there? Here are five potential tenants to consider:

Teenagers who are high school upperclassmen or older children attending college while staying at home have a natural yearning for their own place, though they may not be emotionally or financially ready to leave the nest entirely. A garage apartment is the perfect arrangement: they have their own living area separate from the main house, yet they are still “at home.” The transition to finding their own place can occur on whatever timetable necessary.

As the cycle of life goes on, many folks find that as they are helping their children to go out on their own, they also need to be closer to aging parents. The solution for many families is to have one or more parents move in with them, but with that decision a great deal of upheaval in the daily routines of everyone involved can occur. Having an easily accessible apartment built above the garage is one possible solution, giving everyone private space while reducing worry and easing caregiving.

You have neither children nor parents who need such living arrangements? Well, perhaps you have family or friends who come for extended visits, or whom you would invite to visit if only you had a place for them to comfortably stay. A well-kept apartment above the garage makes a welcoming and relaxing place for house guests to stay without feeling that they are intruding or taking advantage of your hospitality.

Don’t forget the possibility of having that garage apartment work for you. If you don’t mind playing the landlord role, there are plenty of folks looking for apartments to rent, and the idea of a loft or studio apartment can be extremely appealing, as well as a way to help you pay some bills or put away a little bit extra each month. If you’re lucky, you may even find a tenant with the skills and willingness to help maintain your property!

Did you ever consider yourself as a possible tenant? We all have those days when we wish we had some place to go and get away from the world for a little while. You can easily set up that apartment above the garage so it becomes your getaway.   Maybe it’s a place where you can paint or sculpt, a den where you can relax with the evening paper or even a space where you reduce your stress through a healthy workout.

If reading this post has made you think about a garage apartment space as a real possibility, reach out and start a conversation with one of our specialists here at Conestoga. They can walk you through the entire process of making that possibility a reality. Request A Quote Today!

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