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Three Reasons to Choose a Post Frame Commercial Builder For Your Next Project

Will a traditional general contractor, steel frame building contractor, or post frame commercial builder be the best option for your commercial building project? It’s a valid question you’ll want to consider carefully before investing your time and money.

Post frame construction has some serious advantages over other methods of building, and it can be used to build all sorts of buildings: from retail stores to offices to light industrial and multi-use structures. In case you’re not yet aware of the benefits of post frame construction techniques, read on to learn more.

Three Benefits of Post Frame Commercial Construction

1.  Clears the Way for Clear Span Floor Plans

Post frame engineering allows for creating cavernous spaces with wide spans. While some methods of construction require placing structural columns throughout a building’s interior, post frame construction enables buildings to have wide areas of uninterrupted space with high ceilings. As a post frame commercial builder, Conestoga engineers and builds many structures with open floor plans. Post frame construction is an excellent fit for warehouses, shops, industrial facilities, municipal buildings, fire stations, repair garages that service large vehicles, and other facilities that need wide spans and high ceilings.

2. Opens the Door to Extensive Design Possibilities

Post frame commercial construction methods allow for the same architectural details that are possible with other construction methods, so by choosing post frame you’re not sacrificing style. Want a post frame building with dormers, gables, or reverse gables? No problem! Want custom windows or skylights? You can have them! Need a multi-story building? No problem! Conestoga Construction has even installed elevators in customers’ post-frame buildings. The style and architectural details are limited only by your imagination, and when done right, there really is no discernable difference architecturally between post frame buildings and other types of buildings.

3. Gives You More Bang for Your Buck

Dollar for dollar, a post frame structure will give you more for your money. Compared to other types of construction, there is less lumber required, and projects can be completed much faster. That means substantially lower materials and labor costs. So when you work with a post frame commercial builder, your budget can stretch farther. You can get you a bigger building and more amenities than you would with other commercial building techniques.

Commercial Post Frame Buildings by Conestoga – A Perfect Fit

Ready to learn more about the advantages of post frame buildings for your next commercial construction project? As an award-winning post frame builder, we have the proven construction expertise and project management skills to handle even your most challenging projects. All of our buildings meet or exceed all of the necessary building codes, and our commitment to quality is second to none. Contact us to talk about your needs and get a quote!

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