Why Build a Post Frame Restaurant?

06-27_Retail_Pole-Barn-Restaurants-r1-300x190For a long time pole barns were used – almost exclusively – to build agricultural structures. In the years since, the plans, styles and techniques employed by professional builders have matured to allow for a range of structural applications and practical uses.

From residential garages to agricultural buildings to restaurants – Conestoga Buildings offer solutions for just about every commercial construction challenge you can think of.

So if you’re in the early stages of looking for a post frame restaurant builder, and you’re unsure of what building type you should proceed with, we suggest you look into a pole building.


Restaurants aren’t easy to design. On the one hand the culinary industry is full of exceptional, tasteful, personal creations (edible and otherwise), while on the other you’ll find a range of carbon-copy buildings and storefronts that diminish the consumer experience and leave a lot to be desired.


The good news is that pole barn structures offer benefits that are particularly advantageous to restauranteurs and culinary professionals.

Reduce Overhead – Start with the simplicity of pole barn construction and toss in the low cost of vital materials, and you’ll drastically reduce the infamously steep overhead that comes with opening an eatery.

Design Versatility – Pole barns also provide unparalleled opportunity for design versatility and attention to aesthetics. In terms of success – a unique, eclectic, inviting atmosphere is second only to the quality of a restaurant’s food. Without the need for load-bearing walls, for example, you can design wide open layouts and floorplans without cumbersome building restrictions.

Additions and Extensions – Versatility doesn’t end with interior design. Talk to one of our design professionals and peruse the various outdoor and exterior features, extensions and facades available for your restaurant project.

Whatever your degree of expertise, if “pole building construction” throws up a mental gallery of nothing but barns, hay lofts and warehouses – you’re in for a pleasant, cost-effective surprise. A number of national restaurant chains are using pole buildings in their franchises, and there’s no reason you should hesitate to investigate your options.

Build a brand identify into, onto and around your building. Pole barn plans open the door to unique, budget-conscious alternatives to traditional building applications.

Request a quote today. Our designers will cover every detail – from commercial kitchens to regal dining areas with one-of-a-kind atmospheres. We’ll help design the perfect space, for you and your guests. Guaranteed.

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