6 Reasons to Choose a Post Frame Barn for Your Machinery Shed or Workshop

Post frame barns are ideal for farm buildings such as machinery sheds and workshops. They’re affordable, durable and flexible to allow highly customized designs. And the right post frame barn builder will build your structure to last for generations. The following are six reasons why post frame barns are such a great choice for farm workshops and sheds.

1. Flexible interiors
Because post frame barns allow large open spans inside a building, they are ideal for storing a variety of large equipment. Wherever you want smaller interior spaces, you can add walls to create them. You can even heat and insulate part of the building while leaving wide open spaces unheated for your vehicles and machinery. The design is as flexible as you need it to be.

2. Quick construction
When the weather is good for building, it’s also prime time for farm work. And since every inch of your farm is a working space, you can’t afford to lose an entire season for construction. Post frame construction is one of the fastest methods available. That means your machinery shed or workshop will be ready when you need it—and your farm work will keep moving along on schedule.

3. Lower Costs
You want to build a solid structure for your farm buildings, but you don’t want to spend more than you have to just to put a roof over your tractors. Post frame buildings remain one of the most economical means of construction because the posts replace extensive foundation work. They require much less labor to build, which provides major savings without sacrificing quality and durability.


Post frame barn construction can be as simple or as elaborate as you need.

4. Less Site Prep
Post frame buildings can be built on uneven sites with less excavation and grading work than a conventional building. That opens up a lot of flexibility when siting your buildings and helps you make best use of your valuable land.

5. Durable
You’ve invested a lot of money in your equipment, and you need a sturdy structure to protect it. Post frame buildings have proven to be some of the most durable structures out there. Their heavy posts provide tremendous structural strength in high winds. They also resist collapsing during a fire.


Post frame barns provide durable structures in metal or wood.

6. Lasting Value
Because of their proven durability, post frame buildings hold their value well, providing a good return on your property investment. And because they’re so much less expensive to build, they offer an exceptional value from day one.

If you’re planning a new machinery shed or workshop, a post frame barn will give you more of what you need faster for less. That’s why post frame barn construction is favored for a range of agricultural buildings.

At Conestoga Buildings, we offer affordable, high quality construction of post frame barns for agricultural needs. If you want to design the ultimate workshop or machinery shed for your farm, use our convenient online designer and floor planner,  or contact one of our expert designers to get your project rolling.

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