The Perfect Time For A New Garage

New-Garage-300x181When is the perfect time to build that dream garage you’ve been wanting? A new garage can add both value and visual appeal to your property, as well as creating or expanding usable storage or living space. Post-frame construction offers a sturdy, high-quality structure that is both cost-efficient and able to be completed within a fairly aggressive timetable.

When working with a custom post frame garage builder, a number of decisions must be made throughout the construction process. Not least among them is scheduling when to actually build. When is the best time of year for the construction of a new post-frame garage building?


How’s the weather where you live? Do you see sharp definition between the seasons? Are temperatures in your area prone to notable fluctuation (especially from day to night), or do they generally stay within a ten or twenty degree range? Is the overall climate warm and mild, cool and damp, or hot and humid? All of these things can have a large effect on the construction process and materials used, as well as on the efficiency and comfort of your builders!


If you choose a concrete floor option for your garage, you should consider scheduling the pour at a time when the climate will be optimal for the concrete to cure. Concrete does not do well in extreme or fluctuating temperatures. If it is too cold, there is a risk of the moisture within the concrete freezing and expanding, which can cause cracks to form; if it is too warm, the concrete can dry out too quickly and suffer from greatly reduced strength.

In a perfect world, concrete would be given a three day stretch at about 55 degrees and slightly damp air to cure properly, though it will be just fine anywhere between 50 and 70 degrees.


On average, most post-frame garages can be constructed in about a week to ten days. The more complex the build, the longer it will take. A basic shed-style one-car garage will be built much more quickly than a multi-bay three-car garage with a second level living space.

One thing that can cause these time frames to be delayed, is foul weather. While it is impossible to eliminate the potential for unpleasant or even damaging storms to occur during your planned build, a little common sense goes a long way when planning a project such as this.


While geography and climate certainly is going to play a large role in when you plan your garage construction, most parts of the country will find either early spring or early fall to be ideal times for a build. Consider, however, that the build itself is really the last step in a longer process that includes determining how large of a garage you will need and how you will finance the project, as well as consulting with a builder to design a floor plan that meets your needs. So, while the physical construction of your new garage may best be planned for a few months from now, the best time to get the ball rolling is today!

Conestoga’s highly qualified professional team can help you determine the best schedule for the dream garage you want to build. To learn more, request a quote.

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