How Your Overhead Doors Impact Curb Appeal

When planning the look of your new garage with a custom garage builder, overhead doors seem like a simple choice; however, you may not realize how your overhead doors impact curb appeal. Whether you opt for a traditional look–with or without windows– or country-style, you can make your custom garage unique to your personal style.

Traditional vs. Carriage

types of overhead doorsAt Conestoga Buildings, these are the two standard styles of overhead doors offered. What’s the difference between them? Here are the details about each door:


  • Most common style of doors. Provides a simple, versatile look
  • Features embossed wood grain textured panels, usually raised panel
  • R-value: 7.4


  • Popular when a ‘country’ look is desired
  • Features embossed wood grain textured carriage house panels
  • R-value: 9.65
  • Includes exterior decorative hardware: 4 hinges and 2 handles

Now that we’ve pointed out the subtle differences, here are similarities that both styles of overhead doors share:

  • Typically are 4 panels wide and 4 or 5 panels high, depending on the size of your door
  • Have an array of window inserts available, from plain rectangular windows to arches or designs that span across all windows
  • Come in a variety of colors such as white, almond, desert tan or brown
  • Can be used with square door framing and with dutch or arch decorative door framing

Still have questions about overhead doors?

Let’s go back and explain some of the terms we referenced above.

  • R-values: When we talk about R-value, we refer to the resistance a material has to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. (You can read general information about R-values from
  • Window Inserts: When window inserts are chosen, the solid panel is removed and the window insert panel is secured in its place. Depending on your privacy preferences, you can have window inserts mounted higher or lower on your door. Also, obscure glass can be purchased for an additional cost for added security.
  • Decorative Door Framing: Here at Conestoga Buildings, we offer dutch and arch door framing, along with the standard square corners. Dutch style is framed in wood with 45-degree angles while Arch style is framed with Azek (a composite material), creating an above arch.


Hopefully this brief explanation of overhead doors helps during the planning of your new garage. There is no ‘wrong’ choice of overhead doors, just the right choice for your personal style. To learn more about overhead door options and about constructing your new post frame garage, contact us today!

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