Offering AZM® with Activate Technology

It’s not often that we write about specific building materials, but this first-of-its-kind, next generation steel coating is something to get excited about. We’re happy to announce that Conestoga Buildings is offering AZM® with Activate Technology and COLORBOND® from Everlast Roofing, Inc. In this blog, we are going to provide details about this product and why our customers should be equally excited about this new material–whether it’s for your garage, barn or storage building. Let’s get started…

What is AZM® with Activate Technology and COLORBOND®?

AZM® with Activate Technology has been proven to be the most corrosion resistant metallic coating for steel. The difference with AZM® and the competition is that Magnesium is now a part of the mix. Traditional steel that is offered by most companies includes Aluminum and Zinc, but the addition of Magnesium creates a chemical reaction that activates protection that’s never been seen on the market. Everlast Roofing, Inc. refers to AZM® as providing “sacrificial protection”, meaning that instead of just Zinc protecting any cut edges or scratches on the metal, the combination of Zinc, Aluminum AND the right amount of Magnesium delivers powerful protection.

BlueScope Steel has used COLORBOND® for a long period of time in Australia, so when Everlast Roofing, Inc. chose to make it their preferred paint system, they knew it would withstand some of the harshest environments of the world. The oven cured finish coat improves adhesion, peeling, chipping, and cracking.

Why is this next generation product beneficial for customers?

No matter what, metal is bound to rust–eventually. With AZM®, you won’t have to deal with premature rust staining. It also offers a much stronger moisture barrier–without moisture, corrosion can’t even start. This is the best choice on the market to offer the BEST protection for your building investment.

Who has tested this product in the field?

Over the last 35 years, AZM® has been tested in accelerated laboratories and real world harsh environment exposure tests. In fact, Everlast Roofing, Inc. is the only company that offers AZM® with Activate Technology and COLORBOND® in North America. We don’t know about you but our team at Conestoga Buildings is quite impressed with the dedication to the development of this product.

Where has this product been tested to ensure its durability and resiliency?

There are 5000 steel panels across the world in some of the harshest environments–areas with abundant smog, high exposure to UV rays and close proximity to ocean salt and spray.

When is this available?

Conestoga Buildings is already offering AZM®, with a large variety of colors to choose from. We’re proud to partner with Everlast Roofing, Inc. and able to offer our customers this innovation product. Contact us to discuss AZM® or to request a quote for your next building!

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