Housing Poultry in a Post Frame Barn

07-23_Ag_Housing-Poultry-in-a-Pole-BarnPost frame barns are versatile and adaptable. In the decades since they’ve become one of the most popular choices for construction projects everywhere, you’d be hard pressed to find a commercial application that isn’t available as a post frame barn plan. So if you’re looking for a post frame ag building contractor to develop an agricultural building as a poultry house or a chicken coop, consider the versatile floorplans and adaptable layouts available from Conestoga.

Chicken Coop Essentials

There are a number of design-build features essential to constructing a poultry house that’s good looking, high-functioning and long lasting:

Lighting and Ventilation – All animals need natural light and clean air. Consider installing plenty of windows in your coop. This will increase natural light exposure, and improve the quality of air exchange throughout your building.

Drop Ramps and Walkways – Add a drop-out ramp to the bottom of the coop to allow your chickens to access the ground and grass beneath the building.

Space Considerations – Adding enough space for your chickens to move and live freely is a given in any legitimate poultry house design. But be sure to add enough space (particularly in terms of ceiling height) for you to maneuver. “Chasing chickens” is no small task at the best of times – and you definitely don’t want your design to lack in standing room.

Nesting Boxes – One of the best build features on any chicken coop is the single-door nesting box. It allows you to collect eggs without disturbing the chickens or having to enter the structure itself.

Predator Protection – Most quality poultry houses are built with enclosure fences (usually wire) around their base to protect chickens from hawks and other predators.

Design the Perfect Post Frame Barn Chicken Coop

Again, don’t limit yourself to static designs or poor-quality kits. Work with the post frame building professionals. The experts at Conestoga Buildings are trained to design your agricultural building to meet every need. Work together with our team through every phase – major and minor – of the design and construction processes.

Farm life comes with its own range of unique challenges. So don’t settle for anything off-the-rack, when your buildings (at the very least) can look, feel and function exactly the way you need them to. Contact us today to learn more and discuss your post frame barn needs!

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