When contemplating a post frame ag building contractor to design a new building for your farm, it makes good sense to look for ways to make it environmentally sustainable. As every farmer knows, it’s always easier to work with nature than against it. And in the long run, going green will save you money through reduced energy use and preserve precious resources for future generations of farmers.

GREEN CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN5.28.15_AG_Green-Buildings-300x167
Every new structure presents two opportunities to reduce environmental impact, first in the construction process and second in the lasting design and functionality of the building. At Conestoga, we use LEED-certified strategies to build structures that are sustainable and energy efficient at every phase of their lifecycles, from initial design and construction through the long term performance of the building.

As one of the oldest and simplest building methods available, post frame barn construction is naturally green. It requires minimal framing and trussing, saving wood and other raw materials. It also requires less excavation and foundation work, which saves energy and raw materials for concrete. By limiting site disturbance, it also naturally reduces soil erosion and allows greater flexibility in land use.

5.28.15_AG_Green-Buildings-2GREEN BUILDING MATERIALS
We use only sustainably harvested wood in our construction. We also seek out environmentally responsible suppliers for all of the materials we use in the construction process.

We design agricultural buildings to take advantage of natural ventilation from prevailing winds and passive thermal convection. This is critical for overcoming some of the biggest challenges of housing livestock: keeping animals at comfortable temperatures and providing fresh, healthful air without excessive drafts in cold seasons. By taking advantage of natural ventilation, you can reduce the need for fans and watering systems. We offer a range of natural venting options including roof vents, eave vents, sidelights, windows, doors and more.

5.28.15_AG_Green-Buildings-3NATURAL LIGHTING
Light is another powerful weapon in the farm owner’s green building arsenal. Sunlight kills bacteria naturally, provides welcome warmth in winter and reduces the need for indoor lighting. We design buildings to take advantage of natural light by placing features like windows, skylights and doors in optimal locations.

When designing the next structure for your farm, look for a partner who will work with you to provide green materials and construction as well as green design. Often it is simply a matter of careful planning with the environment in mind at each step of the process.

Post frame construction is a great way to leverage minimal materials into a maximally functional green building. Talk to one of our designers today to get your green building project started.

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