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Conestoga Hits a Hole in One with Hook & Irons

Fred Ayars could not be more excited to get his Golf and Social Lounge, Hook & Irons, up and running later this spring in Pennsville, New Jersey.  “We started hard planning our project in late 2019, and survived delays associated with the pandemic, resulting in a late 2022 implementation.  Conestoga was patient all the way through, and stood ready when it was time for us to begin realizing our dream.”

Even though Fred has dealt with many frustrations over the past three years, Conestoga Buildings was not one of them.  “Working with Conestoga has been great, starting with our initial consultation with the sales rep, through the design phase, and all the way through construction. Very responsive, flexible, and transparent. They network seamlessly with other craft on the job site.”

Timothy Williams of Conestoga Buildings was the Lead Project Manager.  He was on the job site, day in and day out.  Tim says he really enjoyed working with Fred.  “Fred was always on top of it and one of those clients that makes the job enjoyable.  I look forward to helping them achieve their dream and I’m excited to get down to Hook and Irons, when its complete, and test out my golf swing.” 

Hook and Irons already has a strong following on social media and the community in Pennsville has really rallied around them.  Fred even opened up a small business investment campaign allowing anyone to invest in his startup which had a really positive response. 

We are so excited for Fred and his team to have their vision come to life.  When he’s ready to build another, we will be ready!

“If I had to do this over again, hands down we would choose Conestoga for our building. I highly recommend them!”

Hook & Irons will open in late May or early June. 
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