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As a leading commercial post frame builder, we saw a need to offer design-build services to our customers. But just what is design/build? For those who aren’t familiar with this term, the phrase ‘design-build’ refers to a method of project delivery that includes a coordinated construction approach with the customer. One entity holds the contracts that allow a unified flow of work from beginning to end.

Design-Build vs. Traditional Project Delivery

Traditionally, a project owner would manage multiple contracts, becoming the middleman for his/her project. If any issues arose during the project, the customer was responsible for handling these issues or settling any disputes that came up. Many times, this approach can be unfavorable because the designers and builders are not a team that collaborates and works together toward the same goal. This causes unnecessary stress and wasted time for the customer.

design-build-thumbWith our design-build services, the Conestoga team handles communication between architects, engineers and subcontractors. As the project owner, you are no longer required to resolve issues and deal with disagreements during a project. Both the designers and builders work together as a united team, bringing on creative solutions and a value-oriented approach. Not to mention, when designers and builders are working on the same team–as a strong alliance–, construction time and costs are often reduced.

On the contrary to what you might be thinking, with design-build services, you are not out-of-the-loop. In fact, customers have a tendency to feel more included than with the traditional project delivery processes. Instead of getting tied up in the nitty-gritty arguments that arise between designers and builders, customers can spend their time on meaningful conversations and getting updates on the process.

So let’s review a few reasons why you should choose the Conestoga design-build service:

  • Freedom from disputes between designers and builders
  • Project involvement on YOUR terms
  • Streamlined process with a functional team of designers and builders
  • Construction time and costs may be reduced

We’ve provided a few reasons why opting for our design-build service makes sense for your commercial building needs. Singular responsibility, reduced risk and cost savings are additional benefits to the property owner that the Design-Build Institute of America points out on their website.


At Conestoga Buildings, we’re a one-stop commercial post frame builder. Our talented team can handle or assist with architectural plans, MEPs, structural plans and site plans.

From retail buildings to storage warehouses to wineries, we offer project management through the planning, designing and construction phases of your project. Contact us today to discuss your custom project!

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