Choosing the Right Doors for Your Agricultural Building

06-25_Ag_Choosing-the-Right-Doors-for-Your-Agricultural-Building_1-300x167As a leading post frame ag building contractor we know that doors are a key feature in the design of any storage structure or agricultural building. Post frame buildings call for special construction requirements, while also allowing for flexibility in both design and functionality. The type and size of the doors you choose will greatly affect how well your building works for you. So in order to simplify things, we’ve separated the options into two main categories, both of which are vital to effective farm building construction.


Large door systems make or break the functionality of your storage building. They have to be the right size, the right build, and the right composition – all without compromising the overall structural integrity of your building.

Sliding doors are best used on post frame barn construction applications. You can take full advantage of the wall and ceiling height, and complement the special elements of a sidewalk – incorporating wide horizontal coverage with either split or solid sliding doors. Conestoga Buildings offers a number of sliding door options:

Standard and Deluxe Singles – Our single sliding doors are built on-site and made to match the style of your building. They operate on a roller system to permit larger main openings.

Standard and Deluxe Splits – Standard split sliding doors are also built on-site and styled to complement the aesthetics of your farm building.

Deluxe splits are framed with heavy steel. They’re pre-assembled and operate on a track system to afford the largest possible openings. Our sliding doors are built to meet all of your loading and storage needs.


Standard Split Sliding Door


Entry doors are just as important as large-scale sliding doors.

Standard and Deluxe Solid Entry Doors – Standard solid entry doors are insulated with a fiberglass skin and vinyl jambs. Our deluxe solid entry doors are steel insulated with steel jambs. They’re painted white and come under warranty.

Standard and Deluxe 9-Lite Glass Entry Doors – Standard glass entry doors are insulated, each with a fiberglass skin, vinyl jambs and a 9-pane window. The deluxe version is a steel, insulated door with steel jambs and 9-pane window. They’re both primed or painted white and come with warranties.

Choose the Type, Style and Design of Your Farm Building’s Doors

Building a storage or agricultural structure requires attention to detail. Get in touch with Conestoga’s experienced design and construction professionals to learn more.

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