Building Eaves Onto Your Barn for Extra Storage

When designing a new horse barn, or when working discussing your needs with a custom horse barn builder, eaves aren’t always at the top of a horse owner’s list of concerns. Yet you have many options when choosing eaves for your barn, and they have a big impact on its utility over the long term.

A Sheltered Paddock Area
Extending eaves on one or both sides of your post frame barn opens up some different possibilities for your structure. An eight- or ten-foot eave running the length of your barn over a paddock provides a sheltered area that horses will happily congregate under to escape the summer heat and wet weather. Extended eaves will help keep your barn drier and less muddy, too. Some horse owners put feed and water under the eaves and add a bedding material such as sand or mats to create a buffer between the paddock and the barn.


This post frame barn features an extended eave that provides sheltered access to the paddock area.

Extra Storage
An extended eave can also provide dry, sheltered storage for equipment such as trailers and carriages. Enclosing part or all of your eave area can help prevent snow and rain from blowing in. While some horse owners store tractors under extended eaves, storing fuel or machines with fueled engines next to a barn is not recommended due to the ever-present risk of barn fires.


This post frame barn from Conestoga features extended eaves on both sides.

Having a generous eave on your post frame barn also provides space for ventilating your stalls. Every stall should have the equivalent of at least one foot of opening onto the outside air, and eaves make it easy to provide this without sacrificing shelter. An eave of 12 to 30 inches with a vented soffit allows air to be drawn up into your ridge vent, promoting good air exchange in your barn. Another option is to create sidewall openings under the eaves.

In addition to their practical benefits, many people like the look of a “porch” on one side of the barn or a sizeable overhang to complete the roof. We have a range of options to provide the style and function you desire.

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