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Three Reasons to Build a New Custom Garage This Spring or Summer

A garage can be far more than a place to park your vehicle. When you build a new custom garage, you gain a space that opens all sorts of possibilities to enhance your life – and work – at home. As a leading custom garage builder, we know how important these spaces are and how greatly they can impact your lifestyle. Read on for three reasons to consider building a new custom garage this spring or summer!

Three Ways a Custom Garage Will Deliver Value This Year

1. Provides Extra Storage Space for Warm-Weather Hobbies

Whether you like to tinker on classic cars, create furnishings out of reclaimed wood, or tie flies for upcoming fishing excursions, a custom garage gives you a place to work and keep supplies. Love to hike or bike, a custom garage also makes an ideal place to store your equipment and accessories. Ask us about building in features perfectly suited for your favorite pass-time. With options including extra bays, bump-outs, finished attic spaces and more, we’re a custom garage builder who can create a space to accommodate any hobby.

2. Organizes Your Spring Cleaning Essentials

Need a place to keep your power washer, brooms, window cleaner, car wax, hoses, and other tools and supplies for keeping things neat and tidy around the house and patio? A custom garage is just what the doctor ordered. It allows you to stay ultra-organized and keep your home’s cabinets and closets from getting cluttered. At Conestoga, we’ll design your garage to accommodate all of your spring cleaning necessities. With storage areas, cabinetry, slop sinks, hose bibs and other features, your garage can become spring cleaning central!

3. Makes Spring and Summer Lawn Care Less Cumbersome

Lawn care isn’t everyone’s favorite task. But with a custom garage that’s designed to your preferences, you might actually start to enjoy it. When you can readily access the equipment you need, lawn work goes much easier. Whether mowing, edging, weeding, seeding, or tackling some other groundskeeping job, you’ll be glad you have a custom-built garage by Conestoga. And, if you’re a gardening enthusiast, you’ll find a custom garage indispensable for keeping everything that you need in order and ready to go when you need it.

Spring is Here: Make Your Dream a Reality with a Custom Garage by Conestoga Construction

There are virtually endless ways a custom garage builder can help you enhance your life at home. Contact us today to talk about your goals! We look forward to hearing from you.

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